Tuesday, October 25, 2005


In the evening (after EVK) I stayed with Katsouleas until 8pm to finalize and go through his slides. I haven't seen him so stressed before for a talk, but then again it is the first time a plasma accelerator talk will open the meeting, and Tom is the best man around to deliver this properly.

Later, me and Rajay went to visit Michelle's new place at Torrance, PO (it's actually in LA but the nearby Torrance serves the mail and facilities there, so the name of the area is Torrance, Post Offfice :-) ). I was happy to see Michelle and all the other guys after almost two months: Jonathan, Laura, Vicky, Gotham, plus their housmate. We went to the interesting Octoberfest (a simulation of a traditional german fair) closeby, where we had a couple of beers (not much for me). I also found out that they have milking a cow contest :-)

After watching my shows and going to EVK for another round of girl watching and great food eating, Dimitri stopped by, we picked up Foteini and headed for the Grove in order to watch Keira Knightley's new movie, Domino. As I touched the screen to get the tickets, I see "limited". I try to be quick, ask for 3 tickets, the wait for the credit card screen to appear. The problem with these specific machines is that sometimes it doesn't read the credit card right away. So by the 6th time it took for the credit card to be recognised, the shows was sold out! Bummer... we went to see Cameron Diaz in "In her shoes" instead, which turned out to be a very nice movie.

I got back home and started packing for my Colorado trip. I can rarely sleep before a big trip (mentally) so I went to bed around 6am and woke up at 11.

Stayros dropped by and we picked up Bing and Xiaodong to head to the airport. The flight was smooth, and I met this nice rich couple from Denver that answered most of my questions regargind the area. As I also saw with my own eyes later, Denver has a great downtown, with a mile-long promenade packed with movie theaters, restaurants and shops. Our $150 a night Hotel is right at the heart of it, and the talks are happening inside it. It is great convenience!