Saturday, October 01, 2005

The new tv season

I finally caught up with my shows today. After watching 6 season premieres, I feel that the most intriguing show is still Desperate Housewives. Right when I thought that I've seen all the revelations and secrets at the season finale last May, this episode was truly jaw-dropping... I just couldn't believe what was I seeing. Well done, folks at ABC.

On the rest of the shows, Bruckheimer's E-Ring includes many cliches but it looks very promising - the final moments of the pilot were very well crafted. In Numb3rs they increased their budget (yey!), plus the added Navi Rawat in the permanent cast (double yey!), so it can only get better from now on. CSI:NY is steadily becoming a classic after the great stories they keep coming up with.

Happy tv season!