Saturday, October 01, 2005

From Dali to Remi: The key to sex

The Greeks have for some time now the solution to getting to know new girls. It works only outside Greece, requires a little practice first, but at the end it brings results. It's called κομπολόι, or Worry Beads, and it's an item that serves no individual purpose. It was conceived it Greece because people there have had so much free time that they didn't know what to occupy themselves with, so this guy keeps the hands busy.

During the 72 hour trip to NY, it attracted women in different ways. Here are some:

- When walking into BoA on Times Square, a greek-american girl from Pennsylvania immediately recongised it. She didn't look greek at all, as she was tall, thin, blonde, with perfect eyes. Plus she had 2 friends of her for company that we were introduced to. Too bad they were only 18, so when we asked them what were they planning to do later that day they said "We'll go for an ice-cream". Daaaaah.

- Later on the same night into China Club, Stayros was approached by a New York girl and her beautiful friend Alysson because they were curious to know what that thing was. We kept company to the girls all night, and their dancing marked the beggining of a great 48 hour ride that followed. Alysson stole everyone's heart on that night...

- Strike #3 happened the next morning, while taking "breakfast" (if you can call breakfast a bagel and a fruit) at the packed hostel lounge. This Italian lady recognized the κομπολόι and sat next to us, were we had a good talk about our plans and how she got there.

- Next day, in the subway it was my turn to accidentally engage into communication with an unknown girl. As I was playing the κομπολόι and I was flipping it around, it flew off my hands and landed on the book that the girl next to me was reading at the moment. She couldn't hold her laughs, and neither could we. Lucky? Yes, but you need to create your own luck first.

I'm getting better and better at playing the κομπολόι recently. Who knows what else may come up...