Sunday, October 30, 2005

Conference Aftermath

Before posting the pictures, I have to mention a few things. First, APS is the strongest conference I've been so far. Scientifically the people are better, with more wide ideas, and many celebrity scientists. Second, Denver is a fine city. Nice downtown, safe and walkable, with nice neighbourhoods and friendly people. It was also the best conference so far: I watched 6.2 movies with Erdem at the theaters, had numerous dinners in various local places, plus I visited for the first time the great Rocky Mountains! I also discovered that all US coins have a tiny little letter printed on them (usually at the bottom right of the heads side) that denotes which city in was made at: D is for Denver, P is for Philadelphia, S is for San Francisco, and W is for West Point, NY. In fact, most of the coins I got from Denver look brand new and shiny, because they were manufactures only a few blocks from there, at the US Mint.

Every conference has a trademark picture, a picture from our group. Here is the one for APS05:

The inside view of the Capitol Dome, where the 15th step is located exactly 1 mile high above sea level (hence Denver's name as Mile High City).

The 16th Street, the main walkway at the Downtown, right where out hotel was:

And here is a view from further away, at the Millenium Bridge ( a river of trains goes underneath):

Now let's move on to the Rocky Mountains National Park, the highest road you can drive in the US (around 12,000 feet = 3.6km).

Here is Katsouleas with his 2 most senior students, a Greek and a Turk. The climate above 12,000 feet is Arctic: Nothing survives from the extreme conditions, neither animals nor plants.

Here is one of my favorites: The rocks, the lake, the woods, the snowy mountains, and the blue sky with the clouds. Picture-perfect...

Lately I love panoramic pictures, and such a National Park is an ideal place to capture some. The first one is a full view at 12,000 feet.

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The second one is a panoramic view of the Bear Lake, with beautiful trees and mountains surrounding the water, while Katsouleas gives a nice speech as if another Socrates.

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Finally, a picture we took at the Colorado Sprinds, in a place called Garden of the Gods, because of the huge red rocks that seem to have come out of nowhere.

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