Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Spent the evening at Kostas' place, were we played Soccer in the Xbox until 5am. But, we beat Argentina 3-0 at the hardest level (6 stars). Yeah, baby!

Saturday was lazy day. That is teh day where I don't do anything other than sit back in my lovely home and watch tv shows, play computer games and eat, i.e. doing absolutely nothing useful. I need such days every once a while. In the nighttime I went to Marios' place where Panos had his birthday "party". I thought it would be informal, as around 11pm many people had left and we were only 7 left. But then everyone I knew from usc and ucla came by! By 2:30am people still were coming, for a total of about 20-25. We had great great meats from Ralph's, greatly greatly cooked. The fact that I had eaten Panda express before didn't affect me.

Dimitris stoped by and we went to watch Magnificent Desolation in IMAX 3D over at the California Science Center. In was great 3D about the walking of the man on the moon (NASA will return there by 2018). Then we walked over at Staples Center and we ate at the Original Pantry. When Dimitris left for home I went back home to do some more work, and then I picked up Foteini and we met with Melania and Frankie at the grove to watch finally the Proof (thumbs up btw).