Sunday, October 23, 2005

In her shoes * *

Who? Themos, Dimitri, Frankie, Melania
Where? The Grove

That was a good movie. Great storytelling, strong (very strong) characters, yet a little bit slow. Cameron Diaz looks old in her face, but she has a great body still. The acting was very good and the movie was funny and interesting at all times. However I wouldn't recommend it for a movie theater, since it offers nothing that cannot be enjoyed in a good divx. Thumbs up.

PS: At the end of the movie, we had to wait for Foteini since we came together. So instead of waiting, we decided to go to her movie, Elizabethtown. We watched the last 15 minutes, then she told us what had happened before, and having also seen the trailer I got a good idea about the movie. Thumbs down :-)