Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Friday: Movie at the Home Theater (The Jacket... baah), and then Rajay joined me, Dimitri, Costa and Stayro for a game of Scotland yard. I have this board game for 16 years, and I hadn't played it since 1996. But, it got revived here in Los Angeles!

Saturday: I caught up with my tv shows for this season, plus I did some grading for my TA. It feels so nice and quiet when you stay home on a Saturday night. I just prefer going out on weekdays better.

Sunday: After a very lazy morning/afternoon, I went with Frankie and Dimitri for dinner and movie ( I love this combination!). Macaroni Grill was a pretty good place, ans Serenity proved to be a decent sci-fi adventure. Arclight's JBL speakers at full power baby!