Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stay * * + Doom * + Domino * *

Who? Themos, Erdem
Where? Pavillion Cinemas @ The 16th St Mall, Denver, CO

So we decided with Erdem to go to the moviesm since the theater is only 60 seconds walking distance from the hotel entrance. We purchased tickets for "Stay". The movie was slow, many interesting things are happening but the explanation they provide at the end is not very fulfiling. it makes some sense but it cannot possibly explain everything. Naomi Watts looks awfully good lately, she's become first class celebrity after the dec 14th King Kong premiere.

Since we had nothing better to do, we decide to go watch Domino next by walking straight into the theater without purchasing another ticket. However the movie started 45 minutes later, so what would we do? Well, as we exit the restrooms I see the opposite door said "Doom". I thought it wouldn't hurt to watch the last 20minutes of a bad movie, so we walked in there and witnessed the final showdown. Although I only saw a little bit (the best bit according to Erdem who had seen it 2 days ago) it's not anything important. Not that I expected anything else.

So after Doom we walked directly to the Domino theater. The movie is very weirdly filmed, with pictures changing all the time, so it wasn't the best things for our eyes who had already been watching stuff for the past 3 hours. Keira was great in her role, although the movie is so differently filmed that is hard to keep track of the changes and the plot 100%. Blowing up Stratosphere in Las Vegas was my favorite part (along with the Jerry Springer show!). Keira is only 20 years old and has a great future: she has already played in action films, comedies, drama, and she has all it is needed to skyrocket her career. She's my #1.

We walked out 5 hours after we entered the theaters, went back to the hotel room where Erdem watched some tv :-)