Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pack for APS

Conference next week: The American Physical Society hosts the conference for the division of Plasma Physics at Denver, Colorado. I am very excited two reasons.

First, I'll visit Colorado. Denver is next to Boulder, and Boulder is at the edge of the Rocky mountains. We got our return trip a day after the end of the conference, so that we can get a car and drive to the Rockies. A few people (rare!) that have been there say it's a nice city, with a good downtown and big nightlife. So, we are not going into the middle of nowhere. Camera is ready, batteries are charged.

Second, Katsouleas will have the very first opening talk of the conference. This is a great chance to advertise our field and our work, since everybody that's anybody will be there, and everyone listens to the first talk. Katsouleas asked me to beautify the slides for him: he has spent too much time for the contect, so I took over his slides and last Thursday from 1-5am I was making modifications, tried to make them nicer and put them in a nice context. The day after that he said the slides looked fantastic, so I hope he will make an impact.

The downside: It's close to 0 degrees celcius in Denver in the nighttime. That's not that bad, especially since I have to prepare myself for a end-of-november trip to New York and Brrokhaven...