Tuesday, October 11, 2005

2 for the money * * *

Who? Themos, Stayros, Dimitri
Where? Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood

I mostly wanted to go to this movie because I had to visiti the Chinese Theater: That's one of the most famous theaters in Hollywood. Star Wars premiered here, and very often they host premieres of new releases. Sid Grauman opened it and celebrities since then are signing in fresh cement in front of it. Everyone has a star in Hollywood Boulevard, but few have their signature and prints there.

Inside the theater is magnificent, red velvet and carpeting everywhere. The audio system is also great (THX certified, plus JBL speakers - like every respectable cinema). The movie was actually better than what I expected: It had a classic Al Pacino in a strong, powerful post-Scent-of-a-woman character. It also had great view of NYC from Brooklyn, escpecially from Fulton Street where we were eating just 2 weeks ago! The movie was good, with interesting characters and a story not perfect but at least it made some sense.

Did I mention the $6.25 popcorn?