Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Better late that never...

Damn I don't remember what did I do on that day... Is there something wrong with me?

Right when I was about to go to school for the first time on Saturday (yes, I was that inspired!) Stayros calls me: "Hey, we are in Costas' place to watch Real Madrid - Barcelona... Are you coming?" "Well", I said, "I think I'll pass since I want to work". "Oh, come on, you have to see this game" he insisted. "OK, OK, I will come on halftime". I finally went there right away, and we watched one of the beautiful games ever. Ronaldinhio was just amazing and personally scored twice against Real. Truly great stuff, really.
In the evening we decided to go to Manna, a all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. Busy, long lines, great food. Then we headed towards Pasadena, where we went with Thodoris to a Caltech party (according to his saying, that was the best Caltech party (for Caltech standards). After that we visited Union Cattle, a nice bar in the Old Town Pasadena with lots of people a nice (loud) music.

We had our soccer knock-out game versus the Gunners, and we finally won (I scored one goal too!). We gave everything we had, 2 players were injured, then the lady there tells us that the next game we had to play is in 1 hour! After the first minutes of total panic, we called a couple more players (for substitutions) and had lots of gatorades to keep us alive. We played the semifinals, but although we did a great game we didn't score and finally lost. Next year!
In the evening we went to see Harry Potter at the Chinese Theater. The digital image looked crystal clear, and the movie itself was pretty good actually. It did $100M in 2 days, and our theater was full too. However the Chinese Theater does not have stadium seating, so I don't know if it's worth going there again.