Friday, November 25, 2005

23" is too big!

A major upgrade occured in our office in USC this past 10 days. My 15" CRT monitor was replaced by a nice HP 23" LCD one. Erdem and Reza both got one, too. So now there are 3 brand new lcds in our room! On top of that, our build-in graphics cards couldn't support the resolution of the monitors (1920x1200) so we had to buy 3 new graphics cards too. Also, my desktop only had PCI-Express channel instead of AGP, so I got a nice PCI-Express graphics card from Asus, that is now connected purely digitally through DVI to the DVI input of the monitor.

The picture clarity is just amazing: The fonts are crystal-clear, the colors are perfect, and the games I tried are running very fast (PES4, Doom 3, Pirates). I will finally be able to play Myst V!

DVI does not translate the digital graphics signal to analog; instead, the only thing that travels in the cable is just the value of brightness for each 3-pair of the 1920x1200 pixels of the monitor. There are no settings to be done, like position of the screen, clock and clock phase etc. It just shows perfectly.