Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chicken Little * * * [Digital, 3D]

Who? Themos, Dimitri
Where? El Capitan

That was the first full movie I saw in 3D. It was also my first time at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. Now I have visited all 3 major movie theaters in Hollywood, Arclight Dome, Chinese Thater and El Capitan. The 3D looked flawless, and the movie had several extremely funny moments (some of them the kids couldn't understand of course, e.g. none laughed at the mention of chickens gone wild). We paid $24 each to get he best VIP seats (the price includes popcorn and drink), but we did have a great view indeed. Before the show a kind of pianist was playing a kind of church instrument; then a nice lady started singing along with two figures from the movie, and people started dancing in the theater... It was lots of fun.

Here's how El Capitan looks like from the inside:

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