Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang * * + Zathura * * + Pride and Prejudice * * *

Who? Themos, Dimitri
Where? The Grove

We headed on to a movie marathon with Dimitri, entering the theaters at 2pm and exiting at 8pm. Here's what we saw.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
This comedy is weird at some times but has some of the funniest lines I've seen recently. It is uncommon and it has a good story, with Val Kilmer giving one of his most efficient performances in the recent years as Gay Perry (yes, he's also gay). Although there is a dip in the excitement in the middle, the beggining and the end of the movie are quite funny. Thumbs up!

We watched the first 45min of Zathura (until Keira started), and although a kids movie it it also interesting, just because of the idea based on Jumanji (where a game comes alive). it wasn't boring, so we spent some nice 45minutes there. But that was just an appetizer.

Pride and Prejudice
This is hands down Keira Knightley's best performance, and also the first movie she has the main lead. She looks flawless in this movie, acts excellently, and I belive that my voice at the beggining of the movie (Let's go for the oscar, Keira!) may in fact be fulfiled after all. The movie is long and slow, but because of the strong story and characters in is not boring. There is this awesome scene in one of the balls where the camera moves around continuously focusing on different characters and interactions, and it is the most amazingly directed single scene I've seen in the recent times. Good job!