Friday, November 25, 2005

LOTR: The Two Towers * * *

Who? Themos, Erdem
Where? Home Theater

It was the first time that I watched a LOTR movie in the full home theater (I had watched the Fellowship with Yao only when we had the speakers but not the projector). It felt almost exactly like when I had watched it in the theaters 3 years ago, which means that out system is working very well:-)
None of the LOTR movies are great. However they are so beautifully made that it is impossible not to admire the scenery, the characters, the sounds, the landscapes, and the battles. And although 4 hours long (the special extended edition) it is not as bad as in the theaters when you watch it from your sofa and you interrupt anytime you like.

Although there is no LOTR movie coming out this Xmas, there is the other Peter Jackson blockbuster: King Kong. I expect more or less the same kind of feelings, a well crafted movie that the story is not so exciting after all. It is good though to have something awaiting you when you go back to your home country, even if it is an american movie. The expectation feeling is (for me) even better many times that the actual experience.