Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eagles @ Staples Center

So tonight we went to watch the Eagles at the Staples Center. It's amazing how they converted from a tennis court to a concert stage in less than 24 hours! And they also do Ice Hikey, Basketball and many other events there... It's just an amazing venue and a landmark of Los Angeles.

Eagles gave a very pleasant concert. I only knew Hotel California from their songs, plus one more (unknown name for me). So essentially we paid $20 per song. But I realized that it's always nice to hear music live: It's so much better than home, just because of the group experience with other people. They used to light lighters in the past in concerts, now the stadium was filled with cell phone screens instead (!), creating a great effect when the lights were out. They also had a bery cool light/laser show throughout their performance, and since we were sitting in the most remote seats possible from the stage, we could at least see the whole stadium panoramically. Truly beautiful pictures there.