Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

This is the day that america doesn'y move; empty streets and freeways (with the exception of the 405), since everyone is home eating Turkey. This year I had a twofold invitation. The first one, we went to my advisor's place and we had some really great food. I met Katsouleas' kids, wife, father and (his awesome) brother. "You seem to be speaking greek very well", he said without knowing me much. He has married an asian girl, so the kids are half greek and half asian. Now, that is weird!

He also discussed on how I should introduce myself to women. I explained to him that "engineer" doesn't work since the only answer is "Oh, you must be very smart then", and the conversation ends shortly after that. He said I should say "Accelerator" (from out research field, plasma accelerators), since it can only engage more curiosity and I will have to explain about it, and then it may not be so boring. We'll see.

Around 8pm we left Tom's house and I headed for Nikos' one, where a nice Japanese lady joineda group of greeks for some cool food that was homestyle cooked. I was amazed to find that in Japan the school year starts in April and ends in January, and that they have vacation both during summer and winter! In addition she finds weird over there that you can only see women in the streets talking during the day! Her explanation was that men work a lot there and women do more shopping.

It was also during these discussions that Ilias got me the idea of going to Mexico. However, I don't want to go to Tijuana (close to the borders), but as much further south as possible. However I need to find people first that have been there. Is it safe? Can we drive our own car? How much are the places to stay? How long will it take? Good research will result in a better trip.