Saturday, November 05, 2005

The 8MB Jessica Alba picture

When I downloaded this 20MegaPixel picture I thought that there is no way that I could appreciate it fully. That there is no display big enough to fit it. Well, yesterday I found out one!

In USC we have recently built a brand new visualization center. Apart from the million dollar 3D equipmant, the most succesful working demo right now is this 4400x3200 display that covers a HUGE wall. It consists of 12 projectors, in a 4x3 array, each one connected to a computer node, and these 12 computers being controlled from a mainframe computer. We had our group meeting there, we took a look at some simulation pictures from our research, and then at some very nice pictures from the International Space Station, which is celebrating now 5 years of operation! Then after Tom and Patrick left, and since Bing (the only girl in our group) is in Chicago's Fermilab, we took a look at the panoramic pictures in earlier in this blog, plus the Jessica Alba one.

Well, that wall never looked more beautiful! The picture covered almost all the screen and the detail was stunning. You could see every little hair in larger than lifesize proportions. Even the guy who was controlling the system was laughing... We all left with a huge smile from that room.