Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Digital Projection] * * * *

Who? Themos, Dimitri
Where? Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood

This is the best Potter movie so far. It is now almost impossible to follow the movie decently unless you have watched the previous ones. Even myself I found it sometimes hard to remember places and faces. The people now are not introduced again, but they rather move directly to interact with eachother so you need to know their background in order to really appreciate the plot. The story is complicated and has several subplots, and the visuals are once again stunning. It is amazing what Rowling's imagination can do - the amount of information on screen on any given frame is just too much to digest. Personally I love these small "magic" things that happen all the time - the Potter universe allows almost everything to happen, and so far in all 4 movies the originality in the details is was amazes me most. The direction is powerfull and never bores you, and especially the chase scenes are always excellently crafted. This film made $100M in just one weekend here in the US, and it will keep going for much more.

The clarity of the digital projection was also above average - there was not a single minor flaw in the picture - no artifacts, no shades, vibrant colors, and crystal clear contrast. Having just read that more than 100 theaters were equipped digitally in the US these last 4 months (only 250 existed around the world up to that point), the day that all movies will be distributed and projected 100% digitally is not far at all.