Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sex shakes

I remember going with Andrew to this place up Vermont and asking for a shake (Do you have shakes?) and the lady was looking at me in a weird way because (I thought) she didn't understand what I was saying to her. My greek accent is terrible. At the end I showed her in the menu what did I need.

Today the same thing happened again. I ask "Do you have shakes?" and the lady looks at me in a weird way and again I thought it didn't sound perfectly because of my greek accent. But in fact, as Katsouleas pointed out right away, the girl heard "Do you have sex?" - they sound so similar! And I was expecting an answer back...

We had a great discussion then on science and evolution and religion and society and all kinds of interesting stuff. I really enjoyed it. Both Katsouleas and Patrick can create great discussions and I have a long way to reach their level - if ever. We discussed from my remark that we are to god what dogs are to us humans ( in an evolution - related way), to why the electron charge has the exact value it has and therefore the universe is stable (it's like winning the lottery - someone has to win!) and why people don't assimilate culturally in the US in the same way they do in Europe.