Saturday, March 19, 2005

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here's a nice view from the inside of the museum. I only need to visit the Louvre to complete my visits to all major art museums of the world: The British Museum (London), The Louvre (Paris), Prado (Madrid) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Again the greek and generally the ancients sections were most impressive. I also loved the fact they had reconstructed whole rooms from European Castles and houses - the rich ones. It was absolutely magnificent. My next plan is to visit France and stay in one of the original castles, with the high ceilings and thick walls and everything. I think medieval times become gradually my favorite age of human history.

The pieces of modern art were also pretty cool, I even found Pollock's work who was drawing essentially fractal paintings. The paintings were ok (Prado is best in this aspect) but there so many little items that are nice.

Still the British Museum ranks #1 overall, although the others have excellent individual items.