Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Favorite Shows

Getting digital cable got me into show watching, something I never did in Greece. Here is my ranking as of today:

2. Numb3rs
3. The Apprentice
4. CSI:Miami
5. Lost

I used to like Lost a lot, but I just read that they are planning to keep the show running for 6 years, which destroyed all my feelings for it. The reason is that with all the weird and unexplained things that happen in the show I was expecting an reasonable explanation at the end of the first season. However it seems that there will be no grand truth and things will just keep happening without apparent cause.

CSI:Miami is a great spinoff of the original CSI series, and they have grasped the spirit and lifestyle of Miami perfectly. Caruso is by far the best actor in all of CSI series.

The Apprentice is in season 3 now, and I like it because it is very stable on the quality of entertainment they offer. You get what you expect for, without pits and valleys in perfomances. The Donald is always fun to watch, plus the show raised my interest in NYC that later became my favorite city in the world.

I have explained my surprise for Numb3rs in other posts. I love the relationship between the two brothers, mutual and respectful, not jealous and competitive. This show has a lot of potential and if they become more careful in the writing and filming of the non-math parts it can become super hit.

CSI:NY is by far my favorite show for this year. It is frighteningly good. Not only have they captured the spirit of NYC (there are more crimes from individuals as opposed to drug dealers and banks in CSI:Miami), not only are the actors performing flawlessly (they do have Gary Sinize after all), not only are the production standards reaching the ceiling for a tv show, but most importantly they have this personal touch in the stories (the Romeo+Juliet case; the cop's son involved in the murder; etc) that just blows me off.