Thursday, March 31, 2005

Numb3rs is the official Blue Leaf show!

As Vice Chief-Leaf of Research of the Blue Leaf Society, I am proud to announce that Numb3rs is finally the official show that unites all blue leafs around the world. At last a blue leaf can feel like home watching another (idealized) blue leaf solve crimes and indulge into his geekiness.

There is a simple way to find out whether you really are a Blue Leaf: You will know if you catch yourself trying to understand as much as possible from the blackboards and math in the special effects of Numb3rs and say "Damn, if only they showed that for a few more seconds!". Now, if you start pausing to notice all the math and take screencaptures, then you are worthy of joining the Blue Leaf Society at Here is the intro:

Other social networks (trees) are connected together in a vast forest. Branches in this social network lead to other trees and to other leaves. In this vast forest, pink and blue leaves exist in a 1-1 ratio.

The Graduate Engineering Tree (GET) stands alone and is not simply connected to the vast forest. The majority of the leaves are blue. Attempts to traverse social branches lead invariably back to the GET - and to more blue leaves.

1. You must be an Engineering grad student
2. You must be in a field of study where pink leaves outnumber blue leaves 10-to-1
3. You must not have been on a date for at leat 1 year
4. You must spend more hours alone in a lab/doing homework, than socializing with friends

First Tenet of Tree Theory:
You can never escape the tree
- Many have tried an many will follow... but the simple fact remains that the binding energy of the tree will always prevent you from leaving. Those who have studied transport mechanisms away from the GET have been rewarded with having their funding cut.

The paper with the detailed principles of Tree Theory will be submitted for publication soon.