Saturday, March 19, 2005

Brookhaven Reloaded - Day 4

New York is such an amazing city. I've already spent several days there, and I feel like I've seen nothing yet. Should I come and live here for a few months?

First we drove under the freeway and under the subway tracks (cool!) to reach the subway station which we used to get to Manhattan. Then we walked along the Central Park to reach the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent about 4 hours there, and then walked all the way from 80th street down to 1st street (that's about 100 blocks).

Central Park looks so different and original now than in the summer. No leafs on the trees, and as it was getting dark I had the weirdest feeling. The we discovered the skating arena and watching these people skate while playing music and with the towers in the background and the moody central park was simply p-e-r-f-e-c-t. The picture is also great since the skaters are fuzzy while the buildings and background are static - awesome effect.

Times Square was as always bright and beautiful. I also tend to like now the places close to Washington Square, many restaurants and coffee places. I finally ate for the first time the infamous New York Pizza (yummy).

I am still amazed how live city New York is. It's definitely a picture of its people and their lives: young and cool and adventurous, businessmen, limos and taxis, talking to cell phones and listening to iPods, having fun, enjoying walks on the streets, shouting to eachother across the street, honking, packed restaurants with personality (not chains!), grabbing pizza on the go to clubs, and all these different cultures blend so naturally together. I promised myself never to eat at the same place twice in NYC, and I think it will be easy to keep that promise.