Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Geeks of the world, unite!

CBS airs this new show every friday night, where there are 2 brothers, one is an FBI agent and the other a young applied math professor in Caltech that is using math to solve crimes. Charlie is certainly one of the most unique show characters ever: He is thesis is on Supergravity theory and black holes (yes!) he has a garage full of blackboards (yes!), he is supervising the thesis of an undergrad girl(yes!) and he doesn't want to be interrupted when he derives.

When it the first 10 minutes of the show Feynman and Galois are mentioned, that can only be a sign of original script writing. The pilot was almost flawless, with math, parabolic trajectories of water from sprinklers and logic blending excellently with criminal hunting that made so much sense. They still need to work on the action part of the stories, but that will come with time. In episode 2 the blending wasn't so succesful since they only used the notion of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and not the actual math behind, but the idea was original indeed.

Let's see how far they can go.