Friday, March 18, 2005

Brookhaven Reloaded - Day 3

In the lab we continued conditioning the gun (=the experiment will go one day later) which means that we have to wait till Monday to (maybe) get our first results. But it seems that will be done soon.

Later in the night I visited Manhattan by car. I now have a favorite route that I think is a great "introduction" to Manhattan. From I495 (which is what you use when coming from JFK) take the last exit before the Midtown tunnel (it is clearly marked). Then head over to Queensborough Bridge, which is great because it is a high free, no tolls, and you get a great view of the NYC skyline. On top of that, Queensborough Bridge sends you directly to the heart of Manhattan (in the edge of central park). Circle central park and then turn left on the 7th Avenue, which leads directly to Times Square. It is so impressive by night, all the lights and the people and the ads and th cars and the noise and the cabs and everything else in unison combining to give and awesome feeling. Then after times square drive down Broadway or 5th Avenue. People on the streets, midnight events, traffic, voices, honks: a LIVING part of the world!

Then drive down the minor streets, see all the small stores and restaurants and tiny places that seem soooo nice with personality (something that LA lacks of). Eventually you hit Vicente, where you make a left and head over Williamsburg Bridge. The bridge leads you to I278, which goes parallel to the skyline opposite of it and offers astonishing views (I nearly hit my car twice during these couple of miles) and finally leads back to I495.

Tomorrow is Saturday and it's a dedicated Manhattan day.