Thursday, March 24, 2005

Brookhaven Reloaded - Day 9

This is how Brookhaven looked this morning. It had been snowing all night, with temperatures constantly below 0C. So nice.

Quite interesting stuff happened today, although we didn't get the results we want. First a computer guy was sent to install a new hub, but he disconnected ours to do that and the whole system crashed, requiring about 3 hours to get it back up and running. Then, we more or less repeated yesterday's procedure, but again we didn't get the expected results. So it turned out after some debugging that one of the critical pieces of the equipment may not be designed correctly (not a design flaw, just bad planning). Tomorrow we will know more about it but if this is right , it will take a few weeks before the item is redesigned and constructed again correctly.

Tomorrow is our last day. We will be back to LAX at 8:30pm or so. Andrew can you pick me up?