Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Nature is the highest impact factor science journal (==>most important). I've subscribed to it since last summer, and this March 17 Issue has amazing topics:

- Most imporant, there is an article explaining how the Dec 26 earthquake in Sumatra has increased the surface tension in this area and a second large earthquake should be expected soon. Low and behold, on March 28th (just 10 days later!) a 8.7 richter quake stroke again, with only a "few" hundrend of people dying and a small tsunami generated. That's what I call succesful prediction.

- High resolution stereoscopic images of Mars were released, which proves that as early as 2 million years ago Mars was full of Ice, seas and lava. The pictures look amazing.

- For the first time ever this guy managed to measure current as single electrons! Until now current was measured indirectly by measuring the voltage across a wire, and then divide with its resistance to get he current according to Ohm's law. This guy seperated small islands of wire by tiny distances so that individual electrons one by one quantum mechanically tunnel from one island to the next. He managed to measure currents down to 5 femto amperes. Woa...