Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Brookhaven Reloaded - Day 0

Interesting experience. Last time it was warm and green and nice. Now we started playing snowballs. The apartment is HUGE, I had a 3x3m^2 room last time and now I have 30x30 house with digital tv and everything. Both me and Patrick (the guy from our group I am staying with) are talking to our girlfriends now through skype (works fantastic, the quality is better that calling cards and it's cheaper).
Katsouleas is also sleeping with us in the next room but he came early before us and he also sleeps early so we haven't talked to him yet. We were supposed to go to apartment 24, but we made a wrong turn towards house 24 which was a cottage in the middle of nowhere. When we started driving onto a 5ft wide road covered with pure snow and a huge forest we realized that wasn't the place :-)

Anyways tomorrow we get to work with the Russians. Now I will carefully place all my research books and notes wide open on the living room table so that Katsouleas will see them tomorrow morning when he gets up:-)