Saturday, May 27, 2006

Miami: The people of South Beach

In the previous big trip in New York, The data to be published to my blog were too big to fit in one entry, so instead I decided to split the trip into many different posts. I think I will have to do the same thing with our trip this time to Miami and the Bahamas.

To travel is to realize how everyone else is wrong about other countries. So very true. I think Miami Beach is what people that have never been to the US think that LA is like: It has the feeling of a big greek island. And what makes it different is the people that hang out there. So I decided to start the posts with pictures of types of people that we found in the Beach of Miami, just walking 15 minutes along the sand. Here we go then.

Let's start with the beach girls:



Probably fake...

nice and easy...

Let's double them:

Triple them:

Quadruple them:

There are also guys. You see for example the typical athletic-perfect-boy-perfect-tan guy:

Or the "this is my beach and I have big balls" guy:

Or a happy Jamaican:

There are also girls next to the beach, in the bars and restaurants. Here is our hostess:

Here is another hostess:

Her is a girl working very hard in a shop:

In a stroke of good luck, these girls sat next to us and we talked a little bit (justr enough to let us take their picture):

I saved the best for last:

People go to South Beach to watch and be watched. They try to be perfect (countless ripped 6 pack body builders there), enjoy the sun, and some even swim! Lots of celebrities hang out there whenever possible, and not to mention the continuous flow of limos that were passing by (we even saw a Mercedes SLR!).

More to come...