Friday, May 19, 2006

Carribean, here come the Greeks!

The counter went to 0! At 4:40am I will wake up. Stavros will pick me up, and then we will get Dimitris and Ilias and head for the airport. My first large-scale (>4 days) trip since the journey at my senior year as an undergradute, in Spain!
Friday and Saturday we will spend them in Miami and South Beach (on the left in this amazing picture). Sunday on Key West (the bottom-leftmost island in the small chain that heads towards the west), the southest place I will have ever been in my life; on Monday and Tuesday we will visit the Pirate capital of the Caribbean, Nassau (to the right of the big island in the center), and on Wednesday Grand Bahama (the center-north gamma shaped island).

You can also see Cuba, it's the big island on the bottom of the photo.

Money.... Check.

Passport.... Check.

Sunblock... Check.

Moisquito repellent.... Check.

Custom burned music CDs.... Check.

Colorful crazy t-shirts.... Check.

Gameboy with FM Tuner add-on.... Check.

20GB external media drive.... Check.

Last minute blog entry.... CHECK!