Monday, May 29, 2006

New York experiment again...

I am leaving tomorrow for yet another trip to the Brookhaven lab. I am going to stay there until June 23rd probably and see how we can improve with the experiment. I haven't stayed that long away since the first time I was there (6 weeks back in May 2004).

It is a very critical time to leave sportswise. NBA Finals, the Roland Garros in tennis just started, and of course the World Cup that starts next week. I will be back on the first day of the round of 16 if all goes well.

On the weekends I've set a few more goals. I would very much like to visit Six Flags theme park in New Jersey, home of the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Any coaster fan like me has to visit it at least once, and I think now is a good time to do so. I will certainly visit New York City again, and one of my goals is to look thoroughly one of the rgeat museums in the world, the Metropolitan Art Museum. I went there with Patrick 1.5 years ago but we only spent 2 hours there; now I want to spend the full day. Who knows, I may also have time for a Broadway show...

The day the world cup ends, I will leave for Lake Geneva in Wisconsin for the AAC conference. I hope that I will find some spare time and money to stay in Chicago over the weekend. That ends on July 15th or so.

Then at the end of July I will be visiting Greece for about 2 weeks, and that is pretty much my summer for this year. I thought I should let you know on my whereabouts this coming months. Have fun!