Thursday, May 11, 2006

The semester is over... I started playing Myst V (Not that I had classes or anything, but it is more of a psycological factor...). In August of 2005 I finished Myst IV, and I was quite happy with it. Although I got Myst V in early October, in December I reformatted (virginized) my computer with a new version of WinXP that supported directX 9.0c just fine to play Myst V (and Sims 2, and Pirates, and ...). But then I had to go to Greece and then Dora came to visit here so I didn't have much time with it.

Unfortunately I have to go to Miami/Bahamas next Friday, and then probably for experiment at Brookhaven, so I don't think I will have it finished by then. I started today with a strong 3 hour playtime just to get into the spirit of it. It feels different than Myst IV and III so far. The graphics are a bit slow on my card (Asus FX5200, one of the best things on the market 3 years ago but I won't upgrade until Vista comes out in January 2007 to a card that will support the Aero effect).

Anyway, it's 2am and tomorrow there is the hooding ceremony here for the PhD students at 9am.