Sunday, April 17, 2005


Not much. Went to school , then spent $100 in target to upgrade our bathroom and get a soft toilet seat (hmmm...). Then to teh usc-ucla gradbar where I met the same people I meet in every gradbar: Erdem, our neighbours upstairs, Michelle+Laura (sometimes), Jung+Matt. Then back home we watched numb3rs 1x09 this show is so great.

Children are wormholes... There are portals into the unreachable future and the unattainable past.

Watched all 3 CSI's that were new this week. What the foock is wrong with them and they have chlidren making the murders in the last episodes? I don't get it. CSI:NY was once more the best. The people know what they are doing, they have grasped some otherwise very hard to put into film human emotions.. Well done.
The evening was devoted to watching Gattaca (2nd time). Why am I so sure that this movie will become true in most of its part sometime later on this century?