Sunday, April 03, 2005


Or why you shouldn't read other people's blogs (Ορέστη εσύ φταις!).

I mean, what the fuck? I really tried to put 100% of my consciousness to understand this movie while watching for the first time and knowing nothing about it, and I failed miserably. It left me with a very fuzzy feeling of what happened at the end. For a 78min $7K budget film with terrible acting, it was impressive. Having seen Memento, Donny Darko and Mulholland Drive, I thought it couldn't get worse. At least in Memento it was clear from the beginning what was the "key", so it only takes a couple of views to sort the movie out. In Mulholland Drive there is nothing special really, it's just that the various parts of the movie play in some order other than their natural one, plus it has to do with dreams so some things are symbolic and not everything is explained. A second watch with repeated pause/play is enough. Donny Darko was cool and it kept you wondering but again at the end it made some sense.

For Primer I will need to put a lot of effort to figure everything out. Not only they talk hardcore tech stuff, but the transitions at first glance aren't smooth and you are not sure whether something they just said is important or not. If you have an idea what's going on, let me know.