Friday, April 15, 2005

10 hours of Prata

Prata... kill.... dizzy... night... sex... angels... souvlaki...

Since I am going to NY next week to complete the plasma experiment, I had to do the Prata homeworks before I leave (Sunday). So I decided to sit down today, and don't get up unless I finish. It was 5pm when I sat down, and now it's 3am the next day. That was 10hours of straight Prata, 21 pages of mathematical tricks and integrals and power densities and all the other goodies that force your mind to become a jelo after a few moments. I realized I was very productive and I had a clear mind all day long and that helped a lot, while other days I may work for a little bit and then procrastinate or defocus from the problems.

Even if the answers are not completely right, I am pretty sure I have at least 90% correct and I don't care so much about the last 10%. I stink so much since our bathroom is not draining that everything else smells so sweeet!