Sunday, April 10, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Now I see... I see why people call Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. It is the most weird luxurious place I have ever been. The pictures speak for themselves.

A nice portion of the strip, the main street in Las Vegas, This part is supposed to represent Paris. Please tell me a color that is not in the picture.

Bellagio rules the main part of the strip, and they use tons of water to prove it. I am still amazed by the stupendous amount of water they have brought in the middle of the desert. Amazing by night...

At the lower end of the strip lies the Stratosphere, a 350m tall tower with a sole purpose: force people to spend a lot of money while enjoying a truly spectacular view of the whole city of Las Vegas. We went there late (> midnight) so we had the best couches in the house with live music just for ourselves.

This is a typical hall in a typical luxury casino. Lots of ridiculusly expensive eye-catching decoration and lots of slot machines.

Here's my first attempt to score. I actually won $4 in this little piece of devil.

Just about 1 hour outside Vegas, in the borders of Nevada and Arizona, lies one of the modern engineering marvels of the world, the Hoover Dam. This piece of concrete holds 6.5 years accumulated water from the Colorado river, preventing flooding and extending the water resources for millions of people that live along the river. This 4 things that stick out of the water are the intake towers, responsible for generating electricity. What happens is that water goes into the tower, falls downward due to gravity and then flows throug pipes to the other side of the dam where the turbine engines are located, reaching them at a speed of 60 miles per hour, a huge momentum that converts to electricity.

There are also 4 towers on the dam. The rightmost one a Men's restroom being in Nevada, and the leftmost one a Ladie's restroom being in Arizona. Why would someone want women to pie in a different time zone?