Friday, April 15, 2005

Future readings

I got a couple more books from Amazon today so that I read in the extensive flight time that awaits for me the next 2 months. First I got my feynman dose, "The letters of R.P. Feynman', a recently published book including many unpublished Feynman's letters (they didn't have emails or phones back then; maybe one day someone will publish 'The emails of E.Kallos" or "The blogs of E.Kallos' since almost no one writes anymore.

Second book is a classic , "Guns, germs and steel". I wanted to read that one for a while (~ 2 years) and now I found out it's the right time. The guy has 3 phds in 3 different areas, and he essentially explains why the various civilizations rised in the places they did and why that specific times and then why they vanished. He is one of the few guys in the world that has the width of knowledge to attempt something like that, but he seems to be successful.

However the next book in my queue to read is "Angels and demons", from Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code). It's not supposed to be as good as Da Vinci yet I want something light and fun.