Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wanna play chess?

I was always annoyed in chess by the fact that there is no action. The game always ends if the king will be taken in the next move, or if the player quits because if he thinks he's weak. But in real life this never happens. The rest of the army will keep fighting even without their king (ok, maybe with fewer hopes), they don't just drop dead! So in our version of chess, it goes like that: even if a king is taken, you keep playing. The player that took the other's king, has the goal of vanquishing ALL of the opponent's army. Every single piece has to be captures for the game to end. The opponent of course still tries to capture the other player's king first before the other pieces. If both kings are taken, the fun part starts. Both players then fight until the weakest is dissapeared from the board. Try it, and you will see that it is a lot easier to capture a king than a whole army! In fact, because people usually sacrifice in order to capture the king, the opponent has an advantage right after capturing the king...
In our game I got Andrew's king first, then he captured mine, and then we kept playing until it was clear that I would never be able to capure all his pieces! He had only one horse left and even with my 6 pieces I couldn't restrict the horse to a corner and capture it... SO annoying!