Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is right next to Santa Monica Beach, but they are the two opposites of LA. Santa Monica is home of the luxury and riches, with hot blond girls, chain stores, movie theaters, expensive malls and restaurants.

Yet if you want to see something interesting you need to go to Venice Beach. Mother of the first surfers, it encapsulates the anarchy part of LA. The most weird, cool, out-of-the-box people you can find. An outdoor gym, public restrooms, hip hop music, concrete basketball courts and hundreds of palm trees combine in order to produce a unique picture. When we got there we Stafanos we noticed about 200 people gathered around in the sand by the sea, and several of them were playing drum-like instruments and the rest were dancing barefoot on the sand as the sun was setting down - I had the most weird feeling ever. I am jealus of the people that live in the shitty rooms right on the beach - they all have at least a couple of beers by the windows and enjoy teh multiple views.