Sunday, January 30, 2005

"You are tough, Carlos"

So we go with Costas to this dealer to drive the Ford Mustang. Then we go to the office to discuss business. "What's your name", she asks. Tim Kallos, I say. So she writes down Tim Carlos.

"So, Carlos, how did you like the car?"

I explain it was ok and I ask for the price.

"That will be $9000 including taxes and everything."

Then I start complaining a little bit and so she asks

"So Carlos, what is your offer?"
"$8K, everything in."
"You are tough Carlos, you are tough. We have a small business here, we cannot afford 1000 dollars down."

So from a weak student suddenly I became Tough Carlos the mega-dealer. What made this more fun was that Costas had just had 6 stitches on his cheek (injured in basketball) and he also looked pretty tough too. The ending of this story will be interesting methinks.