Saturday, January 15, 2005

My first home theater is ready

Just finished all purchases concerning the first home theater system I ever attempted to make. 6 speakers total, here are the details:

2 Front Speakers: These are the speakers I made myself by taking the class in USC. 2 way, 10" woofer and a decent tweeter. Took me a couple of months and $600 and a lot of effort, but at least they sound great. They are better than any speaker I ever owned.

Center Speaker: This is a speaker from the JBL Northridge series, N-Center II with dual 5" drivers. That was $100.

Subwoofer: That was also self made. We bought the driver (Dayton 8") and used the wood we had left from building the front speakers, and covered it in a nice black lamina. The cost was about $100, but we later (yesterday) realized that we needed an amplifier, which meant $60 more.

2 Rear Speakers: Just finished this order. The JBL N24 All Weather 4" drivers. They don't have much base but then I don't like base, especially in the surround speakers. But, they include wall mounting brackets and they are white (perfect for our walls). $120 please.

Receiver: 5.1 from sony, 6x100W. Works fine so far, despite our tries to burn it again and again. $200.

Back Surround: We will have Andrew's prototype as a back surround. Really good 3 way speaker (after padding it). That was about $150 I think.

Total Cost: $1330. Damn I hope it sounds good.