Friday, January 07, 2005

The day I promised I would never blog

I started off badly with blogging. A couple of years ago I was in this cafeteria close to my home in LA, Ragazzi, and I am sitting there with my neighbour Yao having a decent discussion. Ragazzi is a place where you can easily meet new people since it's a chill out enviroment (there was some live music at the moment). Right next to me there is this guy sitting on its own, working on his laptop. Since many people go with laptops there to do their work I think I shouldn't bother him. But then I take a look over his shoulder and watch what he's been doing: he is blogging, and I can read a few lines where he is describing perfectly the motion of the pianist in the room, in a quite exciting way. I can read his rich thoughts and worries about the cafe. And then I think, what the hell?

Why is this man typing his thoughts instead of sharing them through discussion with other people? How can it be more exciting to type the words instead of debating them? Then I picture all the people in the cafe, each one with his/her own laptop typing and all I can hear instead of this chatting noise is keyboards... I thought that if it weren't for blogging, if it weren't for laptops, if it weren't for technology I would have met this interestingly thinking guy and maybe I would have made one more friend. So I promise myself I would never blog, because I might miss a new friendship by typing instead of talking.

So why am I blogging now? There is one simple reason. This is not meant to be read by others. It is meant to be read only by me. Very few people will probably understand what am I writing here because it is not written in a way that is meant to be understood. I used to keep an audio diary in my high school years because I needed a way to remember what I have done, much like photos. This blog is my modern version of diary, and it is much more efficient than audio tapes or text files: I can write anytime, at any place, and my work is always safe and accessible. When I am done with it (my first diary lasted 5 years) I will keep a copy for myself which I will read sometime in the future. Maybe if I die people will get interested in me and try to find out how I used to think through this blog.

I'm off to invite my old greek friends in my place. I haven't seen them for a while and we need to talk...