Saturday, January 29, 2005

Friday Night

The difference between greek and geek is just one letter (same thing as the difference between guy and gay). Apparently some guy from ucla just graduated with his phd and he had a gathering at his place to celebrate. Neither of us (me, pgal, sotiris, xouros) had met the guy more than once. A few other people we knew were there thankfully. Including this girl named "Ball". I can't explain the origin of this name without getting into sexual details.

I finally met this guy Hlias, with whom we have been chatting for almost a year. We also agreed with Melania (not Trump's) and Frankie to set Wednesday night as movie night. Because of these small things I would say it was a worthwhile evening.

We left the place around 2am. Then I witnessed how can you miss the exit from 405 to 10 if you tell a sex story with sufficient details. Right at the point where Xouros had to turn the girl had multiple and that was it.

Then 2 hours of xbox. I started getting better at this rally (i.e. I don't finish last all the time). Now it's 5am and I should tell you this joke with Toto (famous greek joke character).

Mom: Toto, come in, it's raining.
Toto: Why, what do you think it's going on out here?