Sunday, January 09, 2005

Future Wishful Thinking

I just had a reunion meeting with a few of my friends from my undergrad school. Only Elli was missing, she stayed in Barcelona for xmas. It was extremely enjoyable, we discussed from 19:30 to 01:30 (that's 6 hours straight! - along with some souvlaki) maily about our future, escpecially the 3 of us who are currently studying abroad. So I wanted to lay down right now the possibilities that I have in Greece in terms of jobs when I come back. I am sure that none of them will turn out to actually happen, in the same way that I am not working in the research field that I initially intented for.

There are several distinct possibilities. A professor in NTUA (my undergrad school) is ideal. Also a research associate is good. They are also building an accelerator here in the university of Athens (the first one ever in eastern meditteranean) and they seriously lack funding and people, so if the funds are ok in about 3-5 years then I will be maybe the most expert guy in Greece regarding these facilities. Then there is teaching in the university in Lamia (it just opened, only one department right now:-) ) and finally teaching in high school. This last option is not so bad since you get paid 1000 euros a month but you barely work 10 hours a week on average over the course of the year (since weekends, major holidays and 3 months in the summer are off). And I love teaching. This sums up the teaching/research related options.

Then there are individual projects , probably computer science related like building a web page or writing a specific piece of software. This is good since it can be done at my own pace as a side. Working in a big company is not so exciting because you cannot increase your salary dramatically and you have to work a lot. Even for a professor in NTUA, you start with 1100 euros and years later you will be paid maybe 3000 tops, which is nice but an incrediblr amount of money.

Yet the money are in writing, studying and signing proposals for building-related electrical facilities, like in houses, factories etc. This is the only way to get big money as I see it.

Ideally, I would like to work in the States for 2 years after I graduate in a high paying job (100K?) in order to make some money, then come back to Greece and open a business while involved in some research position.
Realistically, I will return to my home town Lamia, get some projects here and there and eventually work in an office (maybe my own) where I will be able to do the electrical-related stuff.

It is fun and exciting not knowing what the future prepares for you.