Monday, January 17, 2005

Evening in the living room

So what am I doing now? Picture this. I am sitting in one of the two couches we have in our living room in gamma-shape, watching Jay Leno in NBC. On the coffee table there is a glass of water, 2 Wired magazines, 2 SciAms and several remotes. I have my laptop in my laps as I blog this, connected wirelessly with a 802.11g card to the Linksys router which is sitting on the tv-table, right across the room from me. On the tv-table and below the tv there are also the dvd player, the cable box, the 5.1 audio receiver, the cable modem, and a bunch of audio cds. My hand-made speakers are on each side of the tv sitting on IKEA stools, the JBL center speaker on top and the sub on the floor next to the table. Against the wall to the right of me there are the IKEA shelves, with 13 half-full bottles on them and also Scoltand Yard and Dimplomacy board games (will we ever play?). To the left of me is the window, behind me Andrew's lonely speaker and in front of the coat rack (next to the almost invisible shoe rack).

All this is possible for one and only reason: I didn't take O'Brien's class this semester! The amoutn of time that was freed is stupendous.

Did I mention the google shirt I'm wearing?