Friday, July 15, 2005

War of the Worlds

Independently of whether or not you like the movie, one has to agree that Spielberg has not made bad movies. Every one of his movies is at least fun to watch, and then there are of course statistical variations on the likability. The sure thing about War of the Worlds is that Spielberg has done a magnificent job in filmmaking - some of the scenes are filmed extremely well.

My favorite one is when Tom Cruz is driving their van with his son and his daughter inside away from their home, and they argue as to what is happening and what to do next. The camera starts filming from the front, as Cruz argues about his actions. Slowly and steadily the camera moves to the side, filming from the left hand side of the van. While still discussing, and as Dacota Fanning enters the conversation the camera continuously enters from the open rear left window, now looking towards the front of the van from the inside. Without stopping, the camera travels across the back seats, exits from the open rear right window, while the family is still arguing. Then it moves to the left hand side, and as Cruz takes control as the main negotiator of the conversation again, the camera has gradually moved to the outside front of the van and focuses on him, completing a loop of camera motion and discussion.

This scene was pure joy to watch. It is now one of my favorite scenes in any movie.