Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Natural History Museum - NYC

That was probably the best museum of its kind that I've ever been - most definately I had the greatest fun for sure there. Even if you exclude the astonishing Planetarium, their collection is quite amazing.

This is the largest meteorite rock on display in any museum in the world - a huge chunk of iron that travelled billions of miles through space to set here and be touched be a Greek guy in 2005.

My weight on Jupiter (not actually the weight, since the mass is the same anywhere; they mean the gravitational force).

Oups! I found one for the Sun too...

2.7 trillion pounds around a typical Neutron star... the earth would fit in a tea spoon if it was as dense as these guys are.

Mr. T-Rex is watching... they have the largest dinosaur collection I've ever seen anywhere in the world.

Plus the daily news on what to watch in the night sky; if you go several miles outside NYC of course since almost nothing is visible over Manhattan - not to mention setting up a telescope in Times Square.

Plus, they have lots of bones, skulls and skeletons of the first humans - Cro Manions, Neadertals etc. Animals and birds that date back 300,000,000 years into the history of the planet. We only spent with Bing 3 hours total, but next time I will be better prepared.