Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer School Everyday Moments

For some reason we thought it would be cool to take a picture in front of a solar clock... And for some reason it feels very good.

The class was very interesting and we could barely focus on anything else other than the material on the blackboard.

Same here... I'm so excited.

Cornell has amazing facilities, escpecially for particle physics. They host CESR, a mile-long circular accelerator that could easily be a goverment lab on its own (yet the students get their own time there!). We were lucky to visit them on their maintenace day so we could actually go inside the tunnel and observe the ring from close up.

A typical evening in the dining room... After the dinner, the dishes are replaced with notebooks and the glasses with calculators and book. All trying to tackle Mr Waldo's problems.

Diktys and I, a who just read and started working on the final exam.

And something you won't see in Greece...