Sunday, July 17, 2005

Quantum Black Holes

An very interesting article in one of the recent Scientific American: Essentially what they are saying is that the LHC, the new particle accelerator/collider that will start operating in 2007, will smash protons so hard together that their mass and energy is so great that tiny black holes may form.

Here is the trick though: in a conventional world with 4 dimensions gravity is not strong enough to create the black holes. However if String Theory is correct and the world has 11 dimensions, then the gravity is much stronger at he tiny level and it should be enough to create the Black Holes.

The Black Holes will be so small that they vaporize fast and as they do they emit radiation and particles. Several groups around the world have already published predictions on how the detectors will look like and what kind of data we should see.

Hence in a couple of years we may already have the first evidence that we live in a higher-dimensional world; the sheer potential of this happening is just overwhelming...